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Found The Flow

Apr 25, 2022

In this episode, Tara is joined by her ex-schoolmate and good friend Karina Nunez Rojas, a marketing consultant and business coach. Join them as they speak candidly about Karina’s journey as a business student going into the corporate world and emerging as an entrepreneur. Tune in and uncover the challenges of new entrepreneurs, customer psychology, and the importance of making the customer the Hero of the story when you market your business.



- Karina’s business school journey

- Karina’s least favorite and favorite role in marketing 

- Understanding your customer’s psychology 

- How do you conduct customer research?

- The biggest misconception that entrepreneurs have going into the market

- Incorporating psychology in your marketing 

- Karina’s entrepreneurship journey 

- Karina’s reflecting on her money, marketing, and mindsets 



“Whether you're an entrepreneur or whether you're working at a big corporation, working with people is going to be critical.”

“One of the mistakes that a lot of small business owners make is that they don't make the hero, their customer, the hero in the story.”

“Your business decisions should be based on deep empathy and understanding of your customer and what it is that they want.”



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