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Found The Flow

May 16, 2022

Being your own boss might sound like a dream for most people from the corporate world. And while it absolutely can be, entrepreneurship also comes with its own host of challenges and, as Tara puts it in this episode, it is not for everyone. 


From resilience to discipline, Tara speaks frankly about the mental fortitude required to succeed in entrepreneurship. Sacrifices need to be made and practices need to be put in place as you go on this journey. 


So, if you're thinking about going into entrepreneurship, this episode might give you some insight on whether or not it is for you.  



- Being resilient 

- Discipline and sacrifice 

- Setting up practices from the corporate world  

- Managing your team 

- Leave the toxicity behind 



“Anything that you're investing into as an entrepreneur, look at it as if you're not going to get a return.”

“Get out of your feelings, because that is the worst place for you to be as an entrepreneur.”



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