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Found The Flow

Oct 6, 2022

So much goes on behind the scenes when you decide to take your brand to the next level. And in this episode, visual branding coach and designer Chloe Cleaves returns to guide us through this process and share how she helped me elevate and evolve my brand!


From emotional purchases to leveraging your lifestyle to knowing what to share or keep private, don’t miss this hands-on discussion on how your rebrand can go from complete overhaul to thoughtful evolution. 



- Infusing yourself into your brand and business

- Are people buying the product or the person?

- How Chloe defines “lifestyle”

- What is the lifestyle of your brand?

- Intentionally building relationships with your clients

- Why you need to brand with meaning



“When you're a personal brand, there's a lot of you that needs to shine through. I'm all for separate business and personal, but people are buying from the person.”

“I think a lot of people don't understand when I say put more of yourself out there, it doesn't mean telling them something. It means you have to show up more.”

“You also got to think of the lifestyle of your brand, because there's your lifestyle, but then there's the lifestyle of the brand. What does the brand do on a day to day? What does it need to do? What does it need to show?”



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