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Found The Flow

Nov 10, 2022

Founder and CEO of Fortress Consulting Firm, certified behavioral science consultant, trauma specialist, and founder of an international non-profit for young women, Karria Lawrence joins me today on this episode of Found The Flow.


Listen in as Karria shares her path to purpose - guiding others to unlock their gifts, passions, and innate skills while helping business owners strategize innovative ways to connect to and support their ideal clients. Through sharing her own journey in the corporate space, how she overcame the hustle mentality, and what it took to step into the role of CEO, Karria gets real about entrepreneurship and why it’s not just what you see on social media. 


So hop off Instagram, tune in, and learn why we need to kill the comparison game when it comes to business ownership.



- Karria’s healing journey to founding Pretty Girls Pray

- Why are operational strategies so important?

- Does Karria believe in the hustle mentality?

- Infusing corporate techniques into entrepreneurship 

- Social media’s fantasy portrayal of business ownership



“Social media has portrayed where business is. So I feel like there's a lot of people who fantasize about business but don't understand the work to actually grow a business.”



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