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Found The Flow

Oct 27, 2022

Creating her natural skincare line out of necessity when she couldn’t purchase her usual body butter and had to make her own, Dionne Reddick is now the Founder and CEO of Body Essense by Dionne. And wholeheartedly admits she is an accidental entrepreneur!


Listen in as she shares her journey to business owner and coach, from the mistakes to mindset shifts to what she sees for the future in this ever-changing landscape. Be sure not to miss her tips on how she found success and the steps you can take to grow and scale your business too!



- How Dionne became an entrepreneur by mistake!

- Making the mindset shift to business owner 

- Early mistakes and Dionne’s advice for her former self

- Do entrepreneurs need a coach?

- “You have to teach people how to treat you”

- Dionne’s transition from entrepreneur to coach

- Why you need to pay attention to where your audience is



“Business was not my choice. But it kept choosing me.”

“When people say, ‘Why would I pay you when I can just Google it or YouTube?’ - I say to them, you don't even know what to YouTube or Google. You don't know what you don't know until you know that you didn't know it.”

“You have got to be willing to grow with how the world is growing.”



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