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Found The Flow

Nov 25, 2022

In this episode, we go behind the chair with Jessica Lampkin, founder, and CEO of The Evolve Effect - a high-quality hair solution store positively impacting the way women feel inside and out through loving what they see in the mirror. But Jessica didn’t always have the confidence she now instills in her clients….


Tune in as Jessica shares her journey from the cut-throat corporate job that almost killed her to letting her hair down, both literally and figuratively, and allowing her complete authentic self to shine. 



- What led Jessica to become a stylist?

- From doing hair in her home to running a six-figure business

- Shifting your mindset from corporate to entrepreneur 

- Jessica’s hardest transition and biggest entrepreneurial shock 

- How to translate your authentic self online 

- What’s next for Jessica Lampkin?



“What I was thinking to myself is, there's got to be more. And if I can make these people upwards of 60, 70 million a year, I can make myself 1% of that easy. If I can do this and manage all these people and have an impact…If I can do that, I can do this for myself.”

“What I tried to do in this situation was look at it as another trigger for transition and just listen to what God is assigning me to do.”



Jessica Lampkin:

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