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Found The Flow

Mar 21, 2022

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail - this is something every small business should keep in mind, according to special guest and Retail [obsessed] Growth Consultant, Deanna McIntosh. 


In this episode, join Deanna and Tara as they speak about the importance of roadmaps and merchandising in your retail business. Tune in and take notes as they touch on topics ranging from designing your website to selling impulse items to identifying your target customer! 



- Deanna’s journey in retail and into coaching 

- Merchandising: The biggest gap in small businesses 

- The importance of a road map 

- Visual merchandising 

- The biggest misconception about merchandising 

- Deanna reflects on her marketing, money, and mindsets 



“Marketing moves goods towards people, merchandising moves the people towards the goods.” 

“If the images and the video are the first things, in a lot of cases, that people see, why is that the last priority for you?”



Deanna McIntosh



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