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Found The Flow

Apr 11, 2022

In this episode, Aleah Rae joins Tara to talk about Facebook Ads and what they can do for your brand if used strategically. A Facebook ad coach managing accounts of beauty brands, Aleah shares how her challenges as an entrepreneur have led her down the path of wanting to help other brands make the best of Facebook to achieve success. 


Get the down-low on all things Facebook from retargeting ads to how much you should budget for your ads in this informative episode. 



- Aleah’s challenges running her custom lipstick brand

- What are the services Aleah provides for her clients?

- Running ads with purpose 

- Understanding your customer’s journey

- Bringing a more personalized approach to selling your products

- Reading the data and budgeting for ads

- The effect of the latest iOS update

- The biggest lesson Aleah has learned from entrepreneurship 

- Aleah reviews her marketing, money, and mindsets



“I mean, it needs to look branded and it needs to match the vibe that you want it to be aesthetically pleasing, but some of the most successful sites are not fancy.”

“So it's that creating warm audiences, that should always be our goal; taking the cold and turning them into warm”

“Give yourself the grace to change your mind.”



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