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Found The Flow

May 2, 2022

Being your own boss often means that you don't have a set 9-5. While this may sound like an absolute dream, your business can potentially end up taking up most of your brain space 24/7, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed and burnt out. That is why in this episode, Tara shares some useful tips on how to manage these feelings. 


So, create a space to work, relook at your To-do-list, take a break if you need to, and most importantly, tune to this episode. 



- The power of outsourcing 

- Scheduling time and space for work

- Honor your need to take a break   

- Don’t forget who you were before your business



“One of the most valuable things that you can have as an entrepreneur is time, time that you can utilize to do things that are going to impact your business by bringing you more revenue.”

“Realizing that you may need to spend some time alone or you may need to go to the spa to recharge… Whatever that is for you, honor that. Don't push through that.”

 “It's about the fun, go back to that space where it was fun for you.”



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