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Found The Flow

Jan 31, 2022

Sexy marketing doesn't always mean sexy profits. 


It’s so easy to get carried away with the aesthetics of social media or making your brand look pretty and flashy, but the real strategy lies beneath the surface. Dive into the world of backend marketing with Tara in the episode as she explores all the things that are equally as important as your front-facing image, i.e. the things that ACTUALLY help make your brand more profitable!



- Frontend vs backend marketing 

- The importance of customer retention

- What is your customer experience?

- How can you get customers on the backend to buy more?

- Backend marketing is free!



“If they're just making that first purchase, and they never come back, then you have a customer retention problem.”


“Do you understand how far that can take you by just calling a couple of people every month to say thank you? They're gonna rave about that.” 


“Do not feel like you should not email your list, do not feel like you should not send text messages. This is really how you make money." 



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