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Found The Flow

Feb 21, 2022

Imagine leaving a million-dollar business coaching business to start from scratch as an entrepreneurial owner of a lifestyle apparel brand…


It may sound crazy, but that’s exactly what this episode’s guest, Maya Elious, did with her brand, Rebelious. Join Maya and Tara as she shares more about her bold move, the inspiration behind her brand, and how she overcame all her challenges faced as she ventures solo into the world of e-commerce. 



- Rebelious: Maya’s fitness apparel company

- Why go from a $1M company to starting from scratch? 

- Going against the grain with Rebellious 

- Where will Rebellious be in 2 years?

- What has Maya learned from Rebellious?

- Maya’s biggest lessons in entrepreneurship 

- Maya reflecting on her marketing, money, and mindsets 



“But I do think all of us either, If it's not conscious, we often subconsciously, self sabotage our next level.”

“The things that I instantly wanted to do differently was make sure that I was not doing everything by myself”



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