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Found The Flow

Oct 20, 2022

Crystal Perkins makes business, family, and self-care look flawless! So in this episode, I sit down with this manifestation coach to learn her secret to becoming empowered, unapologetic, and build a six-figure brand.


From mindset to manifestation, tune in as Crystal shares the blueprint to shift you from writing your vision to living it! 


As she always says: “You deserve what you desire!”



- Why you need to start putting yourself first!

- The process of unlearning that led Crystal to abundance 

- Releasing religion and embracing spirituality 

- What is manifestation?

- How mindset work is a journey, not a destination  



“As women of faith and a lot of Christian women, we know how to write the vision, but we don't know how to live it. And it was in that moment where GOD told me I'm the blueprint to shift women from writing their vision to living in it.”

“I had to choose that lane that God was calling me to walk in. And when I chose it unapologetically and walked in it, it was like a new level of freedom that I've never experienced in my life.”



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