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Found The Flow

Mar 7, 2022

Want your business to be the full package? Well, you’re in for a treat because this next guest is, as Tara puts it, a product packaging extraordinaire. 


In this episode, Megan Young Gamble joins Tara to talk all about packaging. What may seem straightforward actually requires a whole lot of strategy and planning. So listen in as Megan and Tara discuss everything to do with packaging, from what to keep in mind when packaging your product to the use of frivolous packaging buzzwords. 



- Pimping your packaging

- When should you be reaching out to get your packaging done?

- Starting with the end in mind

- The biggest misconception about product packaging

- What do people need to include in their packaging 

- What can we expect in the future for the packaging industry

- The Buzzwords: From “luxury” to “vegan”

- Roles that Megan needs that she cannot do

- Megan reflecting on her marketing, money, and mindsets



“When people see the shiny pretty things on show, they don't realize that it takes a lot of planning to execute that.”

“For those of you who are out there going through the same shit, know that you're not alone. Just make sure that you're investing time and energy into yourself, and know that you are worthy. And you're going to make it on the upside” 



Megan Young Gamble

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