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Found The Flow

Dec 8, 2022

In this episode, I welcome your new business bestie, Jessica Renee Grant. As a branding, business, and boutique strategy coach, Jessica helps faith-based entrepreneurs build their brands, grow their businesses, and navigate through the shift of “becoming”. 


So if you're looking to elevate your brand, income, and impact, tune in as Jessica Renee Grant talks purpose, transitions, and why “if you ain’t right, your business ain’t right.”



- What does “becoming” mean?

- Jessica’s first major shift and the many after

- The biggest lesson in Jessica’s entrepreneurial journey

- Designing a business around the life you want  

- 3 things Jessica wishes she knew before she started 

- Shifting into the role of coach 



“I think a lot of people fail to realize that we are an evolving creature. So we continuously evolve. And once you reach one level, then there's another level that we have to go to.”

“A lot of people miss their opportunity because they simply aren't in a position to be able to receive it. You need to plan, prepare, and get clear on what it is you're doing.”



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