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Found The Flow

Sep 8, 2022

Building the next billion-dollar tech company, Carina Glover joins me to share a little more about her journey to HerHeadquarters - an app connecting women-owned businesses to partnerships nationwide - as well as her hopes for the future and the challenges that come with being a woman of color in the tech space.


It’s not all about tech though, as Carina gets honest about the rejections, mindset shifts, and breakdowns that often come before the breakthroughs. 



- Why Carina started HerHeadquarters

- The value of brand partnerships and collaborations 

- Going from an expert in industry to starting all over again

- The breakdown before the breakthrough

- Challenges facing women of color in the tech space 



“In my entrepreneur journey, I've had lots of hardships. I'm not new to the struggle of being a business owner. But 90 days in the desert was by far the hardest season of being a business owner and the closest I've ever been to quitting and not caring about why I started. If I almost drowned, it was in the desert.”



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