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Found The Flow

Jan 24, 2022

Welcome to Stacking M’s with Tara Paton, the business coach with over a decade worth of experience working with corporations and startups such as L'Oréal and Whole Foods. 


It's not easy being a 21st-century business owner. So if you are looking for new insights and strategies as you navigate the world of money, entrepreneurial mindsets, and marketing this podcast is just for you. Tune in so you can stand out and stall tall in order to make your business a success.  


In our current digital landscape, your own social media pages may seem like the only way to market your product or brand. In this premiere episode, Tara proves this is not the case as she discusses how to diversify your marketing strategies using the PESO model - tune in and find out how this can be applied to your brand to get a more diversified reach. 



- Paid Marketing: Ads and influencers 

- Earned Marketing: Something you should be proud of that builds trust with your consumer 

- Shared Marketing: Collaborating with brands or influencers to share customers

- Owned Marketing: Sealing the deal  


“If you're running an ad, and you don't get sales don't get discouraged, because it actually takes between five to seven times for someone to even consider making a purchase from your brand.”


“One thing that people absolutely love is to know that somebody else has already tried it; somebody else has already co-signed the product, somebody else has already done all the legwork to say that this product actually does what it says it does.”



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