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Found The Flow

Jan 24, 2022

In this episode Tara is joined by special guest Ariane Turner, CEO of Look Good, Live Well - a brand committed to simplifying skincare, removing gender bias, and normalizing the use of luxury products within the Black and Brown communities.


Tune in as Ariane shares her journey as a businesswoman in the skincare industry, from pitching her brand for grants to being gentle towards oneself. Laugh with her and be inspired by her confidence in this worthwhile episode that will get you rethinking your relationship with your skin!  



- Introduction to Ariane and her passion for skincare

- Being confident in her creativity 

- What inspired Ariane’s brand?

- Building Ariane’s business with grant money 

- Celebrating what the body does naturally 

- Looking inward when addressing skincare 

- Ariane reflecting on her marketing, money and mindsets

- Ariane’s dealings with her ADHD and depression



“Don't ever stay in a situation longer than necessary because you feel like you had a time commitment” 

 “That false positivity culture, I think, is very toxic. I think it's important to acknowledge wherever you are and acknowledge the emotion and I think that it doesn't mean an absence of faith.”



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