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Found The Flow

Apr 18, 2022

Content is KING! Well, not all the time…


In this episode, Tara shatters the myth that the more you post the better. So what makes better content then? Tune in to find out what it takes to post effective content for your business - from your marketing goals to your messaging, as well as the importance of making the customer feel like your content is being made just for them. 


Perhaps this episode might give you some answers as to why your current content isn't working.  



- What is your goal with your content?

- What is your brand identity? 

- Focusing on a singular message when creating your content

- Creating for your customer and not yourself  

- Telling a story 



“I want you to think about your brand as a person.”

“Marketing is really all about storytelling. You have to be able to tell an effective story with your content.”



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