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Found The Flow

Sep 15, 2022

Meet Lashana West - CEO of Ms. West Creative Coaching and Consulting, business therapist, and mindset mentor. Devoted to helping ambitious women remove the mental blocks that stand between them and their biggest dreams, tune in as she joins Sherrell to speak about her own mindset journey and the experiences she now uses to empower entrepreneurs to scale their businesses with clarity, confidence, and authenticity. 



- What pushed Lashana to become a therapist?

- How Lashana’s troubled past translates into her business today

- The transition from working with youth to entrepreneurs  

- What is the 6CD method?

- Can we completely overcome mindset blocks?

- Addressing triggers in a healthy way

- Feelings are not facts! How to practice perception checks



“Everything that happens in life happens for us. I would not be here, I would not be a therapist, and I would not be an effective parent had I not went through what I went through. Because that showed me what I didn't want to repeat.”

“I always say repel and attract. If you are your authentic self, you will repel those who are not a good fit and attract those that are. When we shrink, and we try to fake it, we're attracting those who aren't really attracted to our true brand.”

“I believe that we can have and do anything that we want. But we first have to have the courage to believe it and then be open to do the work.”



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